Funeral Forest

Genre:Black Metal
Formed in:2004
Status:Активная деятельность


Current line-up
Inferis - Drums (Lycanthropy's Spell, Rabe, Dronckaerdt, Flesh Hammer, Sarmak, Taliesin (USA), Amenti (Gbr))
Isar - Bass, Guitar (Paganblut, Rodna Zashtita)
Dargul - Vocals, Guitar
Former/past member(s)
Vargath - Vocals, Lyrics, Intro Recording (Tjern, oOo, Draupnir (Fra))
Cadavre (Grimlair, Mannaz, Вmnesia, Yhdarl (Guest))
Additional notes
Funeral Forest also contributed to the De Profundis Prod. (Ukr)/Oskorei Bild Und Tonkunst (Ger) tape compilation "Vereint im Kampf" with the track "Night of the Unholy Sword" (4:14)
Beowьlf (2005-2007)
Svarte (2008-2009)
Hadrian (2009)

Additional notes DunkelNacht means "dark night" and was originally a dark ambient project created by Heimdall. Even if it remains some ambient compositions to release (from Heimdallz worx), DunkelNacht is nowadays a real blackened metal band. The band featured on the compilation "Black Hearts in the North" in Masochrist Productions (2006). Nygh Gaunt changed his name into "Exp 13" in 2008. Svarte joined the band in May 2008.


Deep in the Spirit of Underground Black Metal Split, 2005
Pagan Blood Alliance Split, 2005
Barbarian Supremacy Demo, 2005
Winter Forest Demo, 2005
Europe Alliance Split, 2005
Misanthropy and Intolerance EP, 2006
Der Anfang Des Hasses Und Des Ьbels Split, 2007
Hateful Visions Demo, 2007
Old Tradition Single, 2007
Against the modern Black Metal Demo, 2007
Hateful Visions Full-length, 2007


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