Genre:Ambient (early), Black Metal (later)
Origin:Франция(Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais)
Formed in:2005
Status:Активная деятельность


Current line-up
Malphas - guitars
Maxdrum - drums
Heimdall - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Programming (2005-) (Harshness)
Alkhemohr - Bass, Backing Vocals (2007-) (Harshness)
Former/past member(s)
Exp:/13 (formerly Nygh Gaunt) (2005-2009) (Session-Member in Harshness Dйhа - Vocals (2009-2011) (Deviant Messiah, Yhdarl, Merda Mundi, Wunde, Khel, Slow, Imber Luminis)
Beowьlf (2005-2007)
Svarte (2008-2009)
Hadrian (2009)

Additional notes DunkelNacht means "dark night" and was originally a dark ambient project created by Heimdall. Even if it remains some ambient compositions to release (from Heimdallz worx), DunkelNacht is nowadays a real blackened metal band. The band featured on the compilation "Black Hearts in the North" in Masochrist Productions (2006). Nygh Gaunt changed his name into "Exp 13" in 2008. Svarte joined the band in May 2008.


The Old Recordings Demo, 2005
Das Leiden fьr die Ewigkeit Demo, 2005
Eradication Process Split, 2005
Gjennom Tidene Til Dшde Guder Demo, 2006
Hatedolls and Lies Split, 2007
Mass Grave / Dunkelnacht Split, 2007
The Godless Whoreship Split, 2009
Atheist Dezekration Full-length, 2010


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